Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slow News Day On Old Hall Street

No sooner has the city of Liverpool agreed to perpetuate a tired old stereotype of itself by staging another Beatle Day this summer that a Lib Dem councillor has suggested there be a special day each year, celebrating, yes, Liverpool itself ( ).
The "Self-Pity City" jibes of the national press through the 80s & 90s, sadly, had more than just an element of truth. Now, it seems, we are christening ourselves "Self-Regarding City".
The Oldham Echo's piece, however, reads more as a cross between a kite-flying council exercise & another typical Lib Dem bread & circuses PR stunt to disguise the fact that Liverpool City Council remains one of the worst-run in the country, barely a year-and-a-half after its ignominious bottom ranking ( ).
The Echo article gushes:
"Following on the success of the Liverpool capital of culture success [SIC!], there are moves towards establishing a special day devoted to the city and its people."
[The Oldham Echo's sub-editing operations must have been closed down altogether for that howler to get through.]
So who is the Lib Dem civic champion calling for an annual "Our Liverpool" day? Step forward, Councillor Paul Twigger, a representative for Knotty Ash (he's one of yours, Professor Chucklebutty!).
Councillor Twigger thinks that last year proved two things about Liverpool:
"One -- that it has got its pride back. Two -- that it knows how to celebrate."
He doesn't think it would be an excuse for a mass piss-up on the city centre's streets. Really, he doesn't.
Twigger is backed up by his Lib Dem colleague, Councillor Paula Keaveney, one-time Mastermind contestant, who exclaims:
"The possibilities are endless."
Yes, they certainly are, Paula. How many arrests for drunk & disorderly behaviour would be made? How much damage to property would occur? How would the Oldham Echo play down the trouble that ensued from a civic gimmick which it backed?
However, the Echo piece hints that Twigger & co. are ready to row back hastily on their suggestion if it's seen for what it is:
"Because the idea is still in its infancy, there is no suggestion about what day it would be held or how it would be celebrated."
Translation: We know this shallow gimmick could be rumbled, so we can conveniently shelve it without too much hassle or embarrassment.
There is a post-script to add about Councillor Twigger. Just over a year ago he used the franking machine at Liverpool John Moores University to mail Lib Dem election leaflets &, in doing so, charged the cost of the election mailshot to the university ( ).
Councillor Twigger did apologise for his actions...when confronted with the evidence.
The city's civic future is truly assured with ingenious, resourceful & innovative figures like Councillor Twigger.


Anonymous said...

Good old Laz at Liverpool Confidential did this story before anyone else on Tuesday and the Echo have picked up on it. The comments say it all.

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

Mr Scribblings, I have to challenge your statement that Mr Paul Twigglets is "one of mine" because he represents Knotty Ash. I hail from the neighbouring borough of Grotty Cash, near Little Bungs so he is in no way connected with me.

I see this as an attempt at a political smear on your part and I shall be reporting your remarks to the Blog Standards Board, if I can get in before Radford. So you can expect to hear from them in 12 months time giving notice you have been let off.

I will also be contacting Mr Twiggles and asking him to assist me in putting a stop to these disgraceful smear tactics that need stamping out. He is best qualified to do this as he knows where the franking machine is.

There is a clear conspiracy at work here, or is it just coincidence that I have recently been linked with both Lib Dum Paul Twiggler and new Labour wide-boy and former paratrooper Stephen Twiggs? Are they related, are Twiggs and Twiggler in the same Local branch?

I thought Mr Twiggs had taken over from Commander Bill Boakes as the Road Safety candidate and is a supporter of Trolls on the motorway. Generally, I am an admirer of your writings but I must ask you to check your facts in future. This has caused great anxiety for me and my family, anyone who knows me can vouch for my integrity, it was an honest mistake and well within the rules. i have done nothing wrong. I wish to put all this behind me and get on with the job I was elected to do
and finish my expenses claim for 2008.