Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Truth? This Creature Will Be Hunted Down.

It's either rank stupidity or such malign intent as to warrant legal action which has prompted Kelvin MacKenzie's vomit inducing defence of his infamous "The Truth" headline in the Sun after Hillsborough (,,1961876,00.html?gusrc=ticker-103704 ).
Moreover, it speaks volumes about the craven, contemptuous and servile culture of the specimens who work for Rupert Murdoch that MacKenzie's apparent recantation on BBC Radio 4 was at the behest of that venal proprietor. Not surprisingly, MacKenzie has gone to ground, the classic sign of a cowardly scumbag who's been rumbled. However, those of us who were there that dreadful day will bide our time; as soon as this arrogant imbecile emerges from the stone which has offered him temporary refuge, we'll be ready to unleash an online & offline barrage. The local football blogs are primed, particularly the unofficial Liverpool FC blogs (more of this anon).

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