Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Athens Fall Out (cont.)

At least one of the local blogs has begun to give the lie to the more self-justifying & brazen defence of what happened outside the stadium in Athens last week.
The Liverpool Times (http://www.liverpooltimes.net/ ) is trenchant in its verdict on events. It asserts, "Despite the talk about 'thieving Scousers' being one which most of us hate, some fans (or people who bought a Liverpool shirt) are out there handing headlines to the gutter press. The thieves were seen openly snatching tickets off their own fans. The lads going over to rob these days are not your 'likeable scally' [sic]. Many are prepared to use mob violence here in the streets of Liverpool & they will export this violence & general lack of manners abroad if given half a chance."
Meanwhile, it's worth repeating Rick Parry's now embarrasing words:
"We have told Uefa there will be 40,000 Liverpool fans in the ground by hook or by crook [my italics]. So wouldn't it be better to give us the tickets & let us distribute them fairly without fans having to go to extreme methods? Our pleas fell on deaf ears."
Viewed in retrospect, Parry's words come across less as a plea for reason & more as the sort of thing Tony Soprano might muster when trying to be subtle.

Another interesting local blog to note:
"Gossip Mongers" (http://subculturegossip.blogspot.com/ ). Its strap line declares with relish that it contains "All the stuff that is just not fit to print in the Echo".