Thursday, December 27, 2007


Is There Anybody Out There?

It's always a little disheartening, though not exactly astonishing, when the so-called serious press is guilty of sloppy journalism over Merseyside. One such instance was to be found in last week's Guardian in an article on the growth of blogs in UK towns & cities: .

According to the piece's author, Guy Clapperton, the blogging scene in Liverpool is slight:

"Not surprisingly," he sneers, "the city is characterised by a plethora of footie blogs pretending to be city blogs."

Clapperton's piece does go on to mention the Liverpool Subculture blog ( ), but no others in a dismissively short paragraph. No mention of Liverpool Blogs ( ) nor the blogs featured on the Art In Liverpool website ( ).

There are many things in an unready state for 2008, but the city's burgeoning blogging scene isn't one of them.

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Stuart Ian Burns said...

I saw this and thanks for the link. What he's clearly done is googled 'Liverpool Weblogs':

Rather than 'Liverpool Blogs'

Which would have given him a completely different picture.