Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Free, But You Can Keep Them For The Birds & Bees

"90 grand? Jesus Christ! How did you fix that?"
"With A Little Help From My Friends!"

Tony Parrish continues his excellent digging on all the nefarious doings in Liverpool City Council's chambers (check out the latest news surrounding Paul Clein's departure from Bradley's sinking ship): .
Earlier this month Tony shed some new light on the true cost of Ringo's wobbly warble on top of St. George's Hall in January: .
Phil Redmond decided against giving the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine the £30,000 ($60,000 for any transatlantic readers) originally requested. Instead, Redmond, appearing to believe he would save council tax payers a shed load of money, offered only expenses. Ringo cottoned on to what he could conceivably claim & and agreed.
A suitably large entourage arrived with the "cute" Beatle (cute being the word) for a 10 (yes, ten) day stay at the city's Hope Street Hotel.
I do hope Ringo & pals were told they could get a decent pint for under £3.00 in the nearby Casa. Somehow, though, I doubt it.
Total cost (according to Tony): £90,000. Great thinking, Phil, a city thanks you.

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