Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Price Of "Culture"

It'll all be over this Saturday. Ringo mimed on the top of St George's Hall, then spent £90,000 of council taxpayers' money with his buddies, thanks to Lord Redmond before that Jonathan Ross show; Jason Harborow retreated to his hacienda after a big, fat pay-off, again courtesy of the council taxpayers; Macca warbled the old favourites for an Anfield audience of babyboomers; & the Oldham Echo almost had an orgasm over a mechanical contraption that resembled a spider.
And, of course, there's a reckoning for the last twelve months. Paid by guess who? Yep, them again; Liverpool City Council will increase council tax bills by 4.5% this year ( ).
Deputy Lib Dem council leader Flo Clucas "said the planned budget would let the council keep 'moderate' care for elderly people and school uniform grants."
Ah, yes, that would be the "moderate" level of support that was slashed by Bradley, Clucas, Storey, et al, to help finance the unalloyed success story that was culture year. Wouldn't it?

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