Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fancy Another One, Warren?

One can only presume that Warren Bradley has had, let us say, a rather good festive break in order to contend that Liverpool is "outperforming" the rest of the country ( ).
Marc Waddington is the hapless hack on Oldham Hall Street who puts his name to little more than a statement of self-congratulation by Cllr Bradley. He even claims credit for the "superb" GCSE results in the city [the Oldham Echo refers to them as GSCE - sic].
Most of the comments on the article see Bradley's feel-good rhetoric for what it is.
His mentor Mike Storey chips in with his own novel take on the local economy:
"We are living in an unprecedented economic period but Liverpool has always shown a sturdy resilience to recession and I'm sure this will continue."
Seems the Christmas spirit has been flowing copiously in the Storey household, too.


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

yes its like the bigger press headlines about property prices rising 5% at the end of 2009 but fail to mention they crashed 30% prior. What a joke 950,000,000 of objective one dosh gone into a loaf of property developers retirement funds while education is still lacking,it can only be Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

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