Thursday, January 07, 2010

Roads To Nowhere

A couple of the local blogs have reflected the Big Freeze which reduced the flow of traffic out of the city centre yesterday to an imperceptible, sclerotic crawl. Scouse in the House pithily lays the blame where it should be apportioned, ie., the council ( ). Robin Brown on the Liverpool Culture Blog relates a hair-raising account of his journey from the city centre to Lark Lane, featuring some dramatic photographs, too ( ). There's also a striking photographic record of conditions on the A Lack of Imagination blog ( ).
On a more juvenile level, Oldham Hall Street's let Nick Peet out again so he can breathlessly tell us all how he put on weight over the festive break & hates driving to work in the snow ( ).
Nick, you really should have stayed at home.


Guillaume said...

Here everything is blocked because of the snow. I am not working, my wife is working from home and everything closes so early. I can't help but find it a bit weird.

That said, I wish I had my winter coat. The mix of coldish and wet makes it slightly uncomfortable without the proper clothes.

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