Monday, June 28, 2010

Tory Repeats Hillsborough Libel

With the arrival of the ConDem cutters into government, it was, I suppose, only a matter of time before one of the Tory chinless wonders blurted out something which gives an insight into their mindset. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was asked to say a few words about England's World Cup exit yesterday. However, Hunt then went a little further, saying how refreshing it was that there are no more major instances of crowd trouble, citing Heysel & Hillsborough ( ).
Yes, Hillsborough.
Had Hunt, as a government minister, taken just half an hour or so to peruse The Taylor Report, he would have been aware that Hillsborough had NOTHING to do with the problem of hooliganism.
Naturally, Hunt has realised that the PR fall-out from what is being charitably termed "a gaffe" has to be addressed. Hence his rushed apology. However, it's worth recalling that the cover-up over the tragedy went to the highest levels of the then Tory government (Thatcher & her poodle, sorry, I mean press secretary Bernard Ingham were aware of the decision by South Yorkshire Police to alter the notes of officers on duty that day). Moreover, it was a local Tory MP, Irvine Patnick, who was the source for The Sun's collective libel on the Liverpool supporters.
Perhaps Hunt's "gaffe" (makes it sound like a minor slip-up over arranging a dinner party, doesn't it?) should be seen in the context of his background. He's worth a cool £4.1m ( ), &, like the best of the Nice, But Dim Tims the Tories can boast, his grasp of normal life can be, well, just a little tenuous at times; in another "gaffe" Hunt was found to have claimed 1p for a 12-second mobile phone call ($1305217.htm ).
Gaffes, eh? Jolly japes, as they like to say. Not so jolly when some chinless wonder who hasn't done a proper day's work in his sheltered life helps to perpetuate the smears that have hung around for 21 years.

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David Swift said...

As Culture secretary I hope he turns up at the next Hillsborough memorial (as Andy Burnham did last year). Maybe some reality will permeate into his dim brain. Having this man in a position of influence over the inquiry bodes ill. He must be watched very closely.