Monday, April 18, 2011

So Long, It's Been Good To Know You

What links Mike Storey & Nick Clegg today? Well, apart from belonging to the same political party, they'll also be toasting the departure of Warren "War Zones" Bradley from the Fib Dem leadership in Liverpool ( ).
Electoral fraud is a serious charge & it is one Bradley now faces. 
David Bartlett has republished Bradley's resignation statement ( ).
As parting shots go it captures Bradley's gift for self-delusion, self-pity & a tenuous grasp of political reality (not to mention tortuous syntax). He writes that "although I fully intended to stand down this May to persue my fire service career, I will be with immediate effect standing down as the Leader of the City Council Liberal Democrat Group (hooray I hear from some)".
Casting himself as a sacrificial victim (anybody got a cross for him?), Bradley continues:
"Sincere apologies if this issue causes you more electoral problems (I think the national party have already done that -- but I am now the scapegoat!), it is the last thing that I would want. Electioneering was never about me, but the Lib Dems in Liverpool, it is such a pity the same cannot be said for some."
Such venom, such rancour, such bile. Such a shame it had to end like this, eh, Warren?

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