Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dust Bowl Balladeer

It seems strangely apposite that the centenary of Woody Guthrie's birth ( ) should take place in a US election year. Many (understandable) grumbles about Obama's first term should be set against the "alternative" that Romney & his rabid Republican rump offer.
Bruce Springsteen (whose magnificent Manchester gig I attended a few weeks back) appeared with Pete Seeger in January 2009 to perform what should be viewed as the authentic US anthem: .
It also seems gloriously apposite & topical to recall a song Guthrie wrote called Jolly Banker: .
Happy birthday, Woody. 

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Guillaume said...

Romney gave so many jobs to Mexico and China, firing American workers in the meantime, he should be running president of either one of these two countries. Chairman Mao Romney.