Friday, October 03, 2008


Censorship used to be used by the BBC when banning records with four-letter words, controversial political topics, or at the whim of self-important Smasheys & Niceys on the old Radio 1. Sad to relate that my post on Newsnight Review's thread about tonight's programme from Liverpool was excised by the BBC censor. Something to do with my reference to the £90,000 claimed by Ringo & his entourage from the city's council tax payers? Or was it BBC Radio Merseyside's role as one of Liverpool08's "partners", ie., sponsors?
I pay my licence fee, I want answers, chaps!
Nice to see Professor Chucklebutty's post making it past the Beeb's screeners.

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Professor Chucklebutty said...

Thank you for pointing out the item, I was surprised I got on but then mine post was just a signpost to my general Custard rambling. it took a while to pop up though.
None of the posts really challenge the waste and no specific matters have appeared, such as Bingo's Bonanza opening night or any mention of a salt fish supper in the docks etc. The reference to the Custard blog has clearly set the media alight and since posting, hits have gone through the roof. Unfortunately it is a very low roof and about 17 additional visits are recorded.

Again may I congratulate you on your own excellent blog which along with the great work by Mr Parrish47 continues to refresh in the absence of any credible local investigative journalism or indeed reporting.