Monday, October 06, 2008


Warren Bradley & the Culture Company must be beside themselves with glee. A ten minute discussion between the Newsnight Review panel ( & Roger McGough), entitled, "Review Uncut -- After Hours Debate" has been posted on the Newsnight site ( ).
Aside from a couple of telling points from Holly Johnson ("the people are the natural resource of this town"), Terence Davies (who feels it'll take five years to judge whether the year has been a success for the city) & Roger McGough (who stresses the importance of having a proper cultural legacy via the city's schools), it comes across as the sort of cosy PR presentation on which the council would normally spend thousands.
Miranda Sawyer refers to the negative stereotypes from the past & says she feels all that's changed. You're a journalist, Miranda. You know the media; just wait a while for the next tabloid job on the city when culture year is a fading memory. As for your relief that the city didn't rely too much on the Beatles, you obviously weren't here for the Matthew Street festival & the execrable Beatle Day. You were spared, Miranda, you were spared!

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