Sunday, November 02, 2008

Marketing: The Art Of Making A Turd Look Like A Ruby

Pete Price's ire at the blog which claims to be written by him would be a lot easier to understand if he didn't appeal to the lowest common denominator on his radio show. For those of you who haven't had the dubious pleasure of hearing it, it rapidly descends into a shouting match between Price & callers who are either drunk, or not quite there, if you get my drift. The topics, ahem, discussed on the programme are the sort of stories to be found in the tabloids & daytime TV. Price's presentational style makes Russell Brand sound like Alastair Cooke. The station which employs Price has now launched a new advertising campaign ( ).
The campaign quotes Price declaring, "bring back national service for all scumbags". Such original, nay, Socratic pronouncements are presumably intended to attract more listeners.
How-Do's article quotes the station's marketing manager Suzanne Grant. Believe me, it's management bollockese with an extra layer of bullshit slapped on:
"This new wave of creative reinvigorates what has already been out and about across the city since the launch in January.
"We've kept the presenters' opinionated quotes, which reflect the style of their show and perhaps pushed them a little further this time."
Apart from Grant's poor use of the English language, the notion that promoting the imbecilic emissions from local shock jocks with rampaging egos is "creative" makes me wonder if she's ever consulted a dictionary.
Oh, by the way, Pete, good luck in your search for the mystery blogger.

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