Friday, December 12, 2008

There Goes The Neighbourhood

You know how it is when someone moves into your road or street & soon causes hassle, aggro, etc. Bad enough, you'd think. Yet imagine what life must be like in a Dallas suburb where, already saddled with Tom Hicks as one of the residents, one of the vacant properties has been snapped up by a certain George W Bush ( ).
Despite their mutual support for the GOP, not to mention the less than transparent business deals between the two over Hicks' acquisition of the local baseball team, it seems there could soon be a none too neighbourly, good old fashioned Texas stand-off between the erstwhile buddies as keeping up with the Joneses gives way to showing the Joneses who's head honcho in the area:
"US president George W Bush is understood to have bought a house which backs onto his fellow Texan's home.
"The house, in a cul-de-sac in one of the wealthiest areas of Texas, sits on 1.13 acres and offers 8,501 sq. ft of living space.
"But while the property is a good size, it is dwarfed by Mr Hicks's home.
"Mr Hicks's lavish pad, reportedly the largest in Texas, spreads over a 20 acre estate and is more than four times the size of Mr Bush's mansion."
I love the thought that someone needs 8,501 sq. ft in which to live.

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