Monday, September 21, 2009

Based On A Corrupt Council They Assembled Earlier

Wayne referred to the story earlier ( ), but I just couldn't ignore the bizarre claim by Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg that a Lib Dem government (yes, I know) would be modelled on the Lib Dems' reign of misrule, mendacity & corruption in Liverpool ( ).
Yes, Liverpool City Council, headed by a venal & fickle cabal of characters whose leader condones the criminal behaviour of a party colleague (Steve Hurst), & whose handling of culture year rendered it a squandered opportunity for the city, is the sort of thing we should expect on a national stage if the world stands on its head & elects Clegg into No.10 with a working majority next year.
Clegg, of course, has already tried to demonstrate his political machismo by promising severe & devastating cuts in the risible scenario of a Lib Dem victory at the election. [It reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor's famous remark that men who are macho aren't mucho.]
This has obviously spooked Warren Bradley, who sought to minimise the fall-out, knowing only too well that the Lib Dems in Liverpool are in for a similar electoral plight to that which faces New Labour on the national stage ( ).
Ian Hernon's article, however, does concede that that the Lib Dems' proposal to save £14bn in cuts annually "will hit Merseyside and other city-regions where more than half [of] wage earners are in the public sector."
Just imagine, Warren Bradley as deputy prime minister, Steve Hurst as Justice Secretary, Mike Storey as Foreign Secretary, Berni Turner as Culture Secretary & Paul Clark as Housing minister. Don't have nightmares, children. Sweet dreams.

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