Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Will Happen To The Kids?

It's never a pretty sight when a hitherto strong & celebrated marriage comes to an end & one partner declares a new-found ardour for another. Recriminations & accusations fly, imprecations fill the air & no depth of loathing & malevolence is considered too low.
That's exactly the case with the divorce of New Labour & News International, or Rupert Murdoch, to be precise ( ).
David Bartlett last night referred to the story, adding with a degree of understatement which had me wondering if he, too, would soon join Chris Bascombe ( & ) & Tony Barrett in leaving Oldham Hall Street for the Wapping gulag that the Sun is "still extremely unpopular in Merseyside" ( ).
When Murdoch & New Labour walked down the aisle back in the late 90s, it said far more about the party than the proprietor; now the rejected rump of what was once a mass party react like a jilted wife & Tony Woodley, his exchange with Paxman last night truly cringeworthy ( ), ostentatiously rips up today's edition of Murdoch's rag ( ). Pathetic.
[I wonder if Woodley has put his own house in order yet ( ) ?]
Woodley's theatricals also ascribe a level of importance to Murdoch's endorsements which no longer applies; it's commonly accepted that the next election will see the role & influence of the web (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) increase at the expense of what we in the blogosphere fondly term the dead tree press.


David Bartlett said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. In saying that the Sun is "still extremely unpopular on Merseyside" I was not seeking to down play the seriousness of why it is unpopular. If you like it was a statement of fact without any comment, and the point I was trying to make was that while it is not popular here it still sells massively elsewhere.

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