Monday, October 19, 2009

The Last Post?

With the Oldham Echo now established as a morning red-top, it's inevitable that its sickly sister the Daily Ghost, limping along on a horribly thin sub 10,000 circulation figure, will be coldly scrutinsed for its relevance & viability in the Trinity Mirror empire.
The word from many newsagents in the city is that they've been informed it won't be for this world much longer, an early 2010 closure being widely expected.


Ronnie de Ramper said...

To be renamed:

Liverpool Weakly Post

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Weakly being pertinent...unless you are member of Frank McKennas Downtown Liverpool in Business Peel Holdings, Liverpool Museums and the City Council/Grosvenor-pool and then they will be as strong as they can to support some other scheme that leaves us carbuncled.

Esther Johnson said...

Parts of the Daily Post will be sadly missed (e.g. Mr Brocklebank) but its decline was obvious. The journalists engaged in too much fawning to vested interests. Eventually it was like reading a promotional blurb for get-rich-quick developers and the council. I think this goes to show the power of proper free speech, unfortunately lacking from Trinity Mirror group. They couldn't compete with the blogs. Power to the people !

Ronnie de Ramper said...

It's getting worse. Our fellow Blogger, David Bartlett, has just deleted two of my posts because I gently teased a pseudonym, someone called 'Streetwise'. This character is a LibDem, but blusters when put under any pressure. He has claimed my posts were 'slanderous' and has sought their removal. Bartlett caved in, as one expects of the Daily Post.

Were my posts 'slanderous' (sic)? Of course not. Leaving aside the absurdity of defaming a pseudonym, the worst that could be said of them is that they were sufficiently cheeky to get under the LibDem's skin. So in typical LibDem fashion, this 'Streetwise' character appeals for censorship and threatens litigation in the same sentence. Bartlett complies.

But this 'Streetwise' LibDem is quite happy to defame Jane Kennedy and her partner in his posts to Bartlett's blog. Needless to say, Bartlett is happy to allow that.

So there we have it: Bartlett deletes comments that irritate LibDems; but allows defamatory comments from LibDems protected by anonymity.

And my third post, protesting his behaviour, has been deleted too. Frankly, disgraceful.

Bartlett has the flu apparently. I'm sorry to hear it. I know it can be uncomfortable. But I never knew it rendered one brainless too.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

Following my protests, Bartlett has reinstated part of my posts. Not everything of course since that would offend the anonymous LibDem.

I do think young David has got his realities in a twist. If Professor Y Chucklebutty finds me in the sack with Mrs Clack, you can bet Correspondent will be on hand to report it!

Correspondent said...

No tale's too scurrilous for me, Ronnie!

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

Ronnie, I think if you were found in the sack with Mrs Clack, The News of The World would report it. She's been dead for about forty years. Choked on a Pear Drop watching Songs of Praise. Mr Clack still sends her sister a bag of them every Christmas in her memory.

If of any interest the Hymn they were singing at the time was Hills of the North Rejoice, Clack is always whistling it, says it's his favourite. She used to hate anyone whistling. Odd, since the music he chose for her cremation was "I was Kaiser Bills Batman" - said it's what she would have wanted. I suggested Roger Whittaker, but he told me to have some respect.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

Mrs Clack has been dead 40 years? That's a relief. Thought for a moment I was losing the knack. little contretemps with the Oldham scribbler seems to be easing. The third (protest) post has now reappeared, and life can move on.

Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for freedom. And getting my posts chopped is the price I pay for claiming Streetwise's girlfriend secretly has the hots for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Advice to David. You are not a blogger, you are a journalist. Come up for air, take a walk and find a story.

Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Cue...October Communications or the new editor of the Liverpool Weakly who already edits all the Daily Ghost Stories now Frank McKenna.

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