Thursday, October 01, 2009


There's a measured take on the New Labour/Murdoch divorce from the Liverpool Culture Blog ( ), expressing unease at the invoking of Hillsborough as part of their spat.
Meanwhile, one blogger looks at a likely Cameron victory next year & notes that the Tories will take aim not just at the BBC, but Ofcom, too, hence Murdoch's switch; such a scenario could lead to a British version of Fox News over the airwaves ( ).
If it does come to pass, I say: Bring. It. On. Murdoch may think a UK version of his attack-dog channel will deliver the goods, but the reaction from the blogosphere will be just as swift, astringent & relentless as that seen in the US by sites like Huffington Post ( ), Raw Story ( ), Media Lens ( ) & Media Matters ( ).

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