Thursday, March 04, 2010

Missing An Open Goal

It's laudable that the Spirit of Shankly group should organise a billboard campaign around the city, drawing even wider attention to Hicks & Gillett's ruinous reign at Anfield ( ).
However, it's counterproductive for the group to dismiss any possibility of cooperation with those Manchester United fans protesting against the Glazers continued presence at Old Trafford. We all know about the rivalry between the two sets of fans, so much so that it's long been tiresome to many. However, some measure of cooperation is not just desirable, but necessary in both campaigns; the wider issue of football club ownership cannot be addressed as long as normal rivalries supersede the realisation that there is a common concern for both sets of supporters.

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David Swift said...

SOS decided it was best to organise any joint actions with fan groups through the Football Supporters Federation at a national level. So there may be some co-operation in future. But you certainly make a good point and I think many fans will put aside allegiances so football club ownership problems can be sorted out. Maybe this occasion wasn't the right time.