Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joe Anderson Implements Tory Cuts

Even though the ConDem cuts were anticipated by many in Liverpool, it doesn't lessen the shock felt by Liverpool City Council staff at today's news that 1,500 jobs will be axed ( ).
Helen Carter's report in the Guardian states:
"The council's 9,000-strong workforce arrived at work to find a three-page message from council leader Joe Anderson warning that one in six council jobs are at risk due to the coalition government's cuts."
However, not every member of the council's staff received Anderson's message this morning; many are now tweeting that they heard the news via the local radio stations.
Not only is Joe "tea & sympathy" Anderson pathetic in his bleatings as he fails to show any backbone in resisting the cuts, he is also grossly cavalier in the way he lets council staff receive the news that they could be heading for the dole.
It is both a scandal & a farce that, to paraphrase New Labour's founder Neil Kinnock, you have the grotesque chaos of a Labour council -- a Labour council! -- meekly accepting the ConDem cuts while keeping a substantial number of its staff in the dark about their fate.

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