Monday, January 31, 2011

Joe Anderson Tries To Face Both Ways

It must have been a case of Orwellian doublethink that drove Joe "tea & sympathy" Anderson to join a demonstration against the ConDem cuts in the city centre on Saturday. Alas, Joe's attempt to show he was on the side of those he'll soon make jobless didn't succeed ( ).
As the BBC's video clip shows, Joe was challenged by one marcher to account for his pusillanimity in the face of cuts far greater than those the city faced in the 80s. Far from accepting that his presence on the march was Janus-faced, Anderson resorted to defensive bluster:
"People are angry because jobs are being shed, services are being reduced. From my point of view it's quite simple -- somebody's got to manage the council and that's what I intend to do," he declared, adding he had no choice but to make 1,500 staff redundant.
Confirming his status as a fully paid-up member of the Labour lieutenants of Capital club, Anderson brazenly claimed:
"I'm a trade unionist. I'm a socialist. I've been one all my life and as far as I'm concerned, I share people's pain and I share their anger."
Well, Joe, as a trade unionist & a socialist, consider the stance you've taken. You're now the local representative of the ConDem cuts ("Professor" Phil Redmond is sulking somewhere in a corner). The city's voters have every right to dismiss your claim to be a political alternative to the Tories when you do their dirty work for them.

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Butter wouldnt melt in Uncle Joes mouth, but lets not forget he was on the board of Liverpool Vision and as such helped distribute the billions of pounds of european objective one slush fund.