Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Daily Ghost To Go Weakly?

Far be it for me to rain on Trinity Mirror's parade as they bask in the glory of civic recognition today (all that lobbying paid off big time, eh, Alastair?). However, storm clouds are, alas, on the horizon in the form of Roy Greenslade's blog which today suggests that the Daily Ghost could soon be a weekly paper ( ).
Remarking on the Ghost's appropriately spectral circulation figures, Greenslade links to a blogpost by Steve Dyson, a 20-year veteran of the regional newspaper business ( ).
Dyson takes a dim view of the Ghost as a product in the market place, in particular delivering a forensic critique of the edition for Wednesday 16th February. Enjoy the wine & canapes at the Town Hall, guys.

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Ronnie de Ramper said...

Well worth reading the comments section to Steve Dyson's blog. Some ex-Daily Post insiders confirm what we have known locally for years - namely, local management hasn't a clue; and the journalists etc are completely demoralised. And it shows. Only Larry Neild has anything good to say for his former employers