Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is It The Final Voyage For Peel's Public Money Scam?

There have been further developments surrounding the "Cruise Wars" saga ( & ). It emerged earlier this week that Southampton's civic leaders have held meetings with ministers & mandarins in Whitehall ( ) over Peel's brazen plan to finance a private project with public money. The BBC report notes: "The government is taking a new look at Liverpool's application, which had previously been rejected. "It needs to approve the plan because a £9m EU grant helped pay for its cruise liner terminal, which cost £20m." The "final decision" on this interminable farce will, the report states, be made "within weeks".

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

The Terminal should have cost 10 million and in my opinion the European Grant Money was used incorrectly. How come Southampton get a Terminal for half the price we paid.