Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hailing The Arrival Of An ASBO Neighbour For The Three Graces

Reduced to a Dad's Army state of panic about whether to don their helmets, the hacks on Oldham Hall Street can, perhaps, console themselves with the knowledge that Trinity "Smoking" Mirror's look into the hacking claims are a "review" rather than an "investigation". That's despite the rumours & suspicions that are circling overhead ( ).
Relax, lads, nothing to worry about, I'm sure. Now, anybody available to write a few hundred words about how great the new Museum of Liverpool is? There is? Fantastic!
Let the honour fall to Susan Lee with this third-rate "it looks great, my boss said so, so there!" scrawl ( ).
By way of a badly-needed alternative appraisal (David  Fleming originally wanted to feature Hillsborough & the James Bulger case in the carbuncle), Wayne quoted an Observer review of the monstrosity the other day ( & ).
Perhaps it doesn't really bother the "local" press what the city's waterfront looks like; the mood music now emanating from the Daily Ghost & Oldham Echo suggests an increasing indifference, bordering at times on hostility, to UNESCO over the port's World Heritage Site status. The Janus-faced antics of the papers that claim to speak up for Merseyside tell you everything you need to know about their respect & appreciation of the port's history (ask them about the Manchester Dock & they'll assume you're referring to the Ship Canal). 

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

It was not too long ago that Louise Douglas, the Daily Ghost features editor left for a new Public Relations for the Merseyside Police.....sound familiar.