Thursday, July 07, 2011

Murdoch's Attempt At Re-Branding

Murdoch's decision to close the News of the World ( ) is certainly big news. However, it should be seen for what it is: a desperate attempt to distract attention from News International's hacking operation. Moreover, don't swallow the warm words from editor Colin Myler that all revenues from the final edition will go to "good causes". As PR stunts go, it falls flatter than a pancake.
In addition, it's impossible to think that Murdoch will no longer have a Sunday title. Expect a replacement for the NOTW to be unveiled after a couple of months (Sunday Sun?) & be presented as some sort of fresh start with lessons duly learned.
Long before Murdoch's decision to ditch his squalid Sunday rag Ed Miliband told BBC News of his views on the paper.
"It [NOTW] needs to restore its reputation," he yapped cluelessly.
We all know what that "reputation" has been.
As I write, BBC News are reporting that Murdoch will, indeed, unveil a "Sunday Sun". Predictable. 

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David Swift said...

More like Scum on Sunday.

Anyone in Liverpool so clueless as not to know the connection between the News Of The World and the Sun might now wake up and boycott papers from the rest of this disgusting "news" organisation.

Nothing has changed since 1989.