Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Manhattan Moment

Arrived in New York last night for a short vacation. Tired & exhausted after a queue of Biblical proportions at JFK Customs & Immigration (largely due to the Thanksgiving holiday), I checked into my hotel & then found a pizza place off  Broadway. The Beatles' version of "Money" was playing on the radio as I walked in.
The guy behind the counter smiled & said to me, "Great band, huh?"
His eyes widened when I told him that I was from their home town. What his response lacked in eloquence it made up for in enthusiasm.
"No shit, man!"


Guillaume said...

The Beatles sang Money? Or was it another song with the same name?

And did he know which city it was they were from?

Correspondent said...

Not to be confused with the ABBA song, Guillaume. The Beatles' cover was a late-50s R&B number written by Barrett Strong. As for the Liverpool connection, he responded with amazement when I told him that I came from the same city as them.