Monday, November 19, 2012

When A Story Doesn't Fit The Media's Narrative

One striking thing about the US media is its chronic aversion to open criticism of Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians. There are honourable exceptions, to be fair. The Huffington Post departs from the collective narrative. Supposedly "liberal" papers such as the New York Times, however, are deeply reluctant to condemn Israeli acts of war, such as the latest vile outrages in Gaza. Taking their cue from an Obama administration which pulls its punches over Israel ( ), the networks & printed media have read from the same hymn sheet.
It was therefore striking to see a large & vocal demonstration against Israel's actions today here in New York. Situated at 7th & W42nd, near Times Square, the crowd was addressed by a labor activist & an organiser of Occupy Oakland as well as Palestinian & Muslim American figures. A small counter demonstration was held just a block away by a motley collection of individuals waving Israeli flags. Two of their number attempted to rush the main demo, taunting the crowd whilst waving the Israeli emblem. The NYPD, out in force, wasted no time in arresting them.
Thus far, there has been no mention of this story in the mainstream US media, despite the presence of at least one TV camera crew. One wonders if this collective omerta would apply if it had been a small band of Palestinian figures attempting to rush a large pro-Israel rally.

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