Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Clown Returns!

Kelvin MacKenzie attempts to demonstrate the amount of bullshit he's been responsible for
Kelvinwatch returns to this blog. It seems that the bloated buffoon was on the BBC TV "Question Time" panel last Thursday (why are the beeb so desperate for slapstick comedy on what's supposed to be a serious discussion programme?). Not content with insulting the memory of the 96 Hillsborough victims & repeatedly libelling Liverpool supporters, MacKenzie has now turned his saloon bar ignorances to an entire nation:,,2190014.00.html .
The bloated bigot opined, "[Gordon] Brown is a Scot. He is a socialist Scot who wants to spend every single penny you earn, never forget that...Scotland believes not in entrepreneurialism like London and the south east...The reality is that the Scots enjoy spending it, they don't enjoy creating it, which is the opposite to down in the south."
Isn't the final remark typically ungrammatical for an ex-Sun editor?
Now I'm not a Scot, or Scottish to be correct, nor do I have strong views either way on the question of Scottish independence (I'll leave that to a piece penned by the Observer's Scottish editor, Ruaridh Nicoll today:,,2190882.00.html ).
However, I do recognise racism for what it is; substitute "Scots" for any other ethnic group or nationals of another country & the DPP would surely be brought in. It also flys in the face of Scottish history & business in 21st century Scotland.
It's interesting to note that MacKenzie's, ahem, column is not published in the Scottish edition of the Sun ( ).
Hopefully, that won't be enough to head off a boycott of the rag in Scotland.
Oh, one more thing, does MacKenzie really think that Gordon Brown is a "socialist"? Jeez, the guy really is thick.

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