Saturday, October 20, 2007

Right Of Reply

A quick post before I repair to a local hostelry for the Merseyside Derby. Alex Hilton has responded to last night's post. I'm quite happy to be corrected if I was wrong about the authorship of the post on the Recess Monkey blog. As well as that, I should have mentioned that Wikipedia isn't always to be taken as gospel, so Alex, alas, is not related to Paris Hilton.
What puzzles me, however, is that if Alex was willing to stand for the West Derby seat, indicating a seeming desire to champion & defend the constituency, he did not make it clear that the post on the blog expressed a view which he disagreed with.
Oh, by the way, Alex, my criticism was not "personal". It was a robust criticism of what I saw , perhaps mistakenly, as double standards & churlishness; I don't do personal attacks, they're self-defeating. Over to you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased that the piece below wasn't personal; i'll re-read it in that context.