Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Inter Alia

Spotted: Shuffling towards the Liverpool Playhouse in Williamson Square yesterday afternoon, the frail, bent figure of Rex Makin. I suspect I was the only person in the vicinity to recognise him. He didn't look to be in the best of health.
Makin has long been a controversial figure on Merseyside, both inside & outside the region's legal circle. His lugubrious nature & his penchant for verbosity has not endeared him to the average Scouser, for whom words of more than three syllables are viewed as signs of pretentiousness.
Unlike a lot of people, I have no strong feelings either way about Makin. He is one of those eccentric characters that provincial civic , cultural & legal life tend to throw up every so often. He still has his weekly column in the Liverpool Echo, "Makin his point", a largely Rumpolesque rumination on local matters.

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