Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Belated Postscript

A quick note of thanks for the message left by Stuart Ian Burns in response to my post about the Guardian article bemoaning a perceived paucity of Liverpool blogs. As Stuart points out, the writer probably Googled "Liverpool weblogs" instead of "Liverpool blogs" & lazily left it at that.
Stuart is the author of the Feeling Listless blog ( ).
I note from his blog that he was one of those present at Tate Liverpool for the Turner Prize ceremony. Of course, I was rather cutting about the affair, commenting that the only Scousers present had probably jumped a cab from Lark Lane. Turns out that Stuart resides near Sefton Park.
[Cue the sound of tumbleweed blowing across a desolate & deserted town in Arizona.]
Sorry if I inadvertently reinforced steretypical views about Liverpool 17, Stuart. As a Bootle resident I know all too well about stereotypes & distorted perceptions.

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