Monday, January 21, 2008

Merseyside Maligned?

Although there's a danger of navel-gazing (the last thing 2008 should be about), Roy Greenslade, on his Media Guardian blog, raises the valid question of an anti-Liverpool bias in the London-based media: .
Greenslade quotes the Independent on Sunday's readers' editor, Michael Williams, who posed the question, "Is the metropolitan media biased against Liverpool?"
Williams answers his own question by commenting that there is: .
Greenslade agrees there is a bias, but not for the reasons posited by Williams (Liverpool is not geographically placed as an ideal stopping-off point), & speculates on the "Scouse Git" persona before leaving the question open.
As I've noted on the comments section to Greenslade's post, it's clear that Liverpool is projecting itself to an international audience, via the Web. That's not a conscious snub to the rest of the UK. Rather, it's a realisation that people outside the UK are not as likely to be familiar with the same old cliches, myths & stereotypes.

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