Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Their Culture Of Capitalism

These guys only want the best....for themselves

It's saddening beyond words to see the football club I 've supported since my father took me onto the Kop in 1964 descend into a grotesque soap opera. Among the more reflective & revealing pieces in today's papers are two articles in the Independent.

James Lawton (http://sport.independent.co.uk/football/comment/article3339096.ece ) asks, "how do you respect something properly if you don't really understand it?"

In a more investigative vein, Ian Herbert & Nick Harris (http://sport.independent.co.uk/football/comment/article3339106.ece ) disclose, "A provisional contract is believed to have been drawn up with [Juergen] Klinsmann there and then, though it seems to have been a subsequent drift of events--rather than a breakdown in negotiations between the parties--which contributed to Klinsmann not signing it."

If these cowboys ever visit Anfield again (a big IF from what I've heard) their security will have to rival that of their good buddy Dubya.

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