Tuesday, July 29, 2008

His Master's Voice

Walking around Liverpool (the outlying areas, not just the "tarted-up" city centre), I can see with my own eyes the impact, or lack of it, of this cultural year. It's therefore necessary for me to refer back to a puff piece for Liverpool08 in last week's Echo by Paddy Shennan (http://liverpoolecho.co.uk/views/liverpool-columnists/paddy-shennan/2008/07/23/culture-year-is-proving-misery-moos-wrong-100252-21390808/ ).
Paddy works himself up into a local lather about the critics & online commentators (ooh, I wonder who he means?), castigating us, sorry, I mean them, for the fair, balanced & realistic assessments of how 2008 has gone so far.
Paddy, of course, is an Echo employee, & the Echo just happens to be one of the year's corporate sponsors. Just a coincidence, of course, eh, Paddy?

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