Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Did It Feel?

A whole generation of music journalists has been kept in gainful employment over the years by writing about Bob Dylan's UK tour in 1966. It was the tour where Bylan "went electric", much to the ire & rage of earnest folkies who wanted their protege to ditch The Band. The so-called "Albert Hall" concert, released a decade back, was actually a recording of his gig at Manchester's Free Trade Hall.
Appearing on YouTube is an audio recording of Dylan & The Band performing "Like A Rolling Stone, purportedly at his Liverpool gig on the tour. In stark contrast to the hostility of half the Manchester audience, the Scouse audience at the Odeon cinema on London Road receive the song rapturously. This is despite the fact that Dylan sounds ragged, strung out & wasted (he was on a dubious diet of dope, heroin & amphetamines at the time). Take it away, Bob:

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