Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nothing's Too Good For The Working Class!

One of those to comment on Terry Fields' passing was Bob Wareing, MP for Liverpool West Derby. Wareing noted his disagreements with Militant but praised Terry's principle & honesty.
Wareing, too, has fallen foul of New Labour. He was deselected as the party's candidate for his seat at the next election & now sits as an Independent in the Commons.
However, that is where any similarity ends. Wareing was among those MPs who voted to maintain the expenses scam this week ( ).
Congratulations, Bob, another one in the eye of the Establishment, eh? Your constituents in Norris Green & Croxteth will doubtless raise a glass to you tonight.
I also note that Eddie O'Hara, MP for the equally deprived Knowsley South constituency, opted to keep his right to claim for John Lewis flat-screen TVs & fitted kitchens.
It's only fair that I make a correction at this point: I stated the other day that MPs could claim £4,000 for a fitted kitchen. That figure was inaccurate. It's £10,000. My apologies for implying that members of Parliament would claim anything on the cheap.

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