Thursday, August 14, 2008

Leunig's Liberal Links

A comment in response to my previous post prompted me to do a little bit of cyberdigging. Geoffrey Crayon pointed out that Tim Leunig has links to the Lib Dems. The photograph above shows Dr Leunig alonside Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat MP for Kingston during a local transport campaign.
I then stumbled across Jonathan Calder's Liberal England blog, in particular, a post on the blog yesterday evening:
Calder notes that "the report's lead author Tim Leunig is a Liberal Democrat. Indeed, during my days on the party's federal policy committee he was something of a fixture on that committee's working parties.
"Earlier this evening, debating the report with John Prescott on Channel 4 News, Tim said he was not a member of the Conservative or Labour parties -- and said no more. He may be an academic, but he is not unworldly."
I saw the debate Calder refers to & it's true that Leunig made that comment, deliberately omitting to mention his Lib Dem affiliations:
[The debate begins after a report on the issue, 9 minutes, 15 seconds into the clip on the Channel 4 video player.]
All of which raises an interesting question: All the local politicians who responded to Leunig's report yesterday appeared to come from the Labour Party. I could be wrong, & I'm happy to be corrected if wrong, but that's how it seemed. Conspicuous by his absence from the list of politicians willing to add their soundbites was Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool City Council. Councillor Bradley is, of course, a Liberal Democrat. Strange, eh?
So, Warren, what gives? Cat got your tongue? Do tell.

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