Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This Search Engine Doesn't Look Far

The much vaunted new kid on the block in the search engine world, cuil (www.cuil.com/ ), was initially hailed as a challenger to Google. Some big names who had cut their teeth at Google are apparently involved in cuil. However, to say that its search results are haphazard would be an understatement. Tech journos & bloggers have already drawn attention to cuil's shortcomings. If cuil really sees itself as a potential player in the search engine world, they should first go back to the drawing board. In the meantime, Google, Yahoo, etc., can rest easy.
One final point to make. Some web users mistakenly typed "culi" when searching for the site, only to find that the misspelling actually took them through to an Italian hard core porn site. Cue adolescent jokes about powerful search engines & logging on.


Prof Chucklebutty said...

So pleased you have popped up with a link to your blog. I had very much enjoyed your pieces but has lost the link.

Correspondent said...

Thank you, professor.