Friday, August 15, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

Say what you like about Boris Johnson (oh, go on, please do!), but at least the guy showed his wretched countenance, albeit at the behest of his then boss Michael Howard, in 2004 after that Spectator editorial in the wake of Ken Bigley's murder.
Sad to say, (Nice But Dim) Tim Leunig has gone back on his (conditional) pledge to visit Liverpool ( ).
The Post quotes the Lib Dems' greatest asset: "I've had threats of physical violence on emails -- they're quite aggressive, to be honest. One has accused me of being a paedophile. Another has said I'm lower than vermin, quoting (Nye) Bevan."
It's always a shame when a few idiots use emails merely for puerile & juvenile name-calling, of course. However, the good doctor doesn't say where the apparent abusive emailers live (remember, he did write off the entire north of England).
I always suspected that Leunig would refuse to leave his ivory tower & sully himself with a trip to "the provinces".
One aspect of the Post's report puzzles me. Its reporter Ben Schofield notes, "A Liverpool newspaper printed his [Leunig's] email address on Tuesday."
The "Liverpool newspaper" in question was the Liverpool Echo, sister paper of the Liverpool Daily Post. Why be so coy about this information? Is it some sort of bizarre intra-competitive environment on Old Hall Street (the Post & Echo's HQ)?

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