Saturday, March 07, 2009

CNBC Responds (Well, Sort Of)

CNBC have finally responded to Jon Stewart's inspired j'accuse moment on Wednesday's edition of The Daily Show. The channel lamely suggests that Stewart is "bizarrely obsessed" with its Chicago Mercantile Exchange cheerleader, Rick Santelli ( ).
If that's the best the channel can muster after a near 48 hour silence, you have to wonder about their PR operation.

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Guillaume said...

Basically, CNBC could not find any excuse or justification for Santelli's juvenile behavior and they chickened out because they were scared of being ridiculed by Stewart. They did anyway, so it serves them right. They can't even face criticism and defend a position that was undefendable, so instead of admitting their and Santelli's mistake, they decided to duck and cover. They are as cowardly as they are stupid.