Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Daily Show Par Exellence

I've just watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on More4 & cannot recommend too highly the host's magisterial skewering of the US business "news" channel CNBC. As I blogged last week, CNBC maintains a tenuous link with proper journalism; its presenters are either proselytizers for the free market system which is now receiving billions from taxpayers on both sides of the pond, or cute, telegenic female airheads whose only ability seems to be that of journalistic fellatio on the sort of figures whose mendacity in this meltdown has been laid bare.
One of the channel's cheerleaders, Rick Santelli, was due to appear on last night's show, but chickened out. Stewart's revenge is superbly executed ( & ).
CNBC's response? Silence. They've been rumbled & haven't said a word on-air since The Daily Show was broadcast in the US at 11pm EST last night ( ).

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Guillaume said...

I love the Daily Show, I thought the episodes were now unavailable in England, thanks for getting us that link.