Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toytown Revisited

Wayne Colquhoun related a strange & faintly disturbing tale on his Liverpool Preservation Trust blog a few days ago ( ):
"I stood talking to a man in an antique shop about The Baltic Triangle and about recent developments there. 'Do you know Trevor Jones?', a guy said from nowhere. 'I do not know him personally but I know of him'. 'He sued me,' he said. 'Oh and who may you be?'
'I was the regional editor for the New Statesman.' " [His bold type].
The case appears to date back to the early 80s when Jones was Liberal leader of the city council, prior to the election of the Militant Labour council. He was council leader at the time of the Toxteth riots in 1981 & stuck like a limpet to Michael Heseltine when he visited Merseyside in the wake of the riots.
Jones' business & property interests are alluded to in the post, but in a way which would not attract the attention of the lawyers.

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