Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sara's Sayings

With one apparent Oldham Hall Street insider commenting on Liverpool Confidential's treament of its travails that a meeting of staff was called on Friday evening to announce the end of the final salary pension scheme ( ), attention has been paid to the role played by Sara Wilde, managing director of Trinity Mirror Regional North West and Wales. It's interesting to recall her words from September of last year when the last major round of job losses took place ( ).
Does Ms Wilde's gift for bollockese know no bounds?


Anonymous said...

So is it right that the editor of Liverpool Confidential "Our Angie" got out of the Daily Post at the right time and then set about employing all the Daily Post Staff such as Larry Neild, who jumped ship as the NUJ rep and Lew Baxter.

Ms Sammons To You said...

"Our Angie" left the Daily Post in 2003 for pastures new. Since then a number of the DPs' ex-writers have seen the appeal of being able to write as freelancers for Liverpool Confidential on subjects without fear or favour. They'd get their arses smacked if it was otherwise. And that's got nothing to with the office being above an adult shop.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

I thought they all ended up working for PR outfit, Paver Smith.

We now face the ultimate meltdown. Daily Post & Echo sacks hacks, who promptly reappear at a local PR firm where they feed bland crap & corporate press releases back to the Daily Post & Echo. Alas, the local Press goes tits up, leaving nowhere for the PR firms to send their clueless press releases.