Thursday, November 05, 2009

Will The Last Person Left On Oldham Hall Street Please Switch Off The Lights?

As I write, the rockets & fireworks soar & explode in the local night sky. There'll be a few more fireworks being ignited around Oldham Hall Street at the news that Trinity Mirror is seeking 17 editorial job losses at its Merseyside titles ( ).
The Guardian piece reports that Trinity Mirror "would seek to make the cuts....through voluntary redundancy where possible."
I like the "where possible" bit, don't you? It gives the impression that management on Oldham Hall Street are "flexible" & "reasonable", & that they hate having to do this. It's also nice to know that Sara Wilde, managing director of Trinity Mirror Regional North West and Wales, hasn't lost the ability to talk fluent management bollockese: "It is vital that we continue to make and take these difficult decisions and I believe these changes will ensure we have a viable, robust and thriving business which continues to provides jobs and media services to the communities we serve."
Not buying it? Nope, me neither. Nor, too, isthe NUJ branch on Oldham Hall Street, leading it to make noises unusual for the NUJ, ie., threaten industrial action ( ).
How-Do quotes NUJ assistant organiser Lawrence Shaw:
"The relentless cuts on Merseyside are damaging the quality of the papers and websites, and the local economy. They also lead to stress and other health and safety issues for the journalists left behind".
[You've only just noticed the declining quality of the paper & website, Lawrence?]
Hold The Front Page's take on the jobs bonfire alludes to the impending demise of the Daily Ghost ( ):
"Although the company has not spelled out the nature of the changes in detail, it is understood that most of the job losses will be at the Liverpool Daily Post and will span a number of editorial functions."
What's more, here's another comment which encapsulates the concerns felt by staff, stating that "workers would be right to seek reassurances regarding their futures and a clear mapping-out of the company's long-term strategy."
Fine words, spoken by...the Oldham Echo in today's editorial about GM's decision to rescind the sale of its European operations to Magna & what it means for the Vauxhall plant at Ellesmere Port ( ).
Still, it's the right sentiment, isn't it? Pity Trinity Mirror doesn't practice what it preaches, eh?


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Its a shame when anyone loses their job but the weak editorial stance has allowed big business to run the city and we the people have not had an alternative voice.
Sarah Wilde if I am not mistaken was on several boards such as, if I am not mistaken Liverpool Vision who started the perpetration of the damage at the Pier Head and pushed it through vis the local press.....I hope she goes.

Esther Johnson said...

Maybe Ms Wilde will "make and take a difficult decision" and be the first to volunteer for redundancy. By the way, if Trinity Mirror had ensured the viability of their local papers through decent investigative reporting (once known as journalism)they may not have found themselves with a shrinking circulation. Retyping PR blurb from developers and NGOs just wasn't good enough.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

Sara Wilde certainly won't be going, not while there are still hacks to sack. She's the kind of Managing Director whose business model would run newspapers without the need for journalists.

She'll get the chance soon. From Jan 1st or thereabouts, as I've said before, it'll be the Liverpool Weakly Post

Ronnie de Ramper said...

I don't usually have much time for eco-toff, George Monbiot. But this piece in the Guardian about the failure of the local Press is absolutely bang on the money.

Read, and see if any other newspaper comes to mind