Thursday, February 04, 2010

Establishing The Truth

Justice delayed for 20 years, but it's to be hoped that it won't be denied for much longer. The eight-person panel which will oversee most, though not all, documents surrounding Hillsborough has its first meeting in Liverpool today ( ).
David Conn, whose work on this as well as many other football-related investigative matters has been exemplary, quotes Home Secretary Alan Johnson: "I believe that the independent panel has an historic opportunity to bring healing to those affected by the tragedy, and that its establishment can help to begin to bring an end to the grievances strongly felt by many."
The panel can certainly begin to address the issues, but Johnson is complacent to think that "healing" can be delivered when too many individuals won't have to answer for their actions & statements.
It's a point inadvertently raised by the chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, Andy Holt: "There is a good deal of suspicion from the families that a cover-up took place, and the panel will provide transparency, an assurance that the release of our documents is above board and being done with integrity."
It seems odd to see the word integrity used in connection with South Yorkshire Police; that there was a cover-up isn't a "suspicion", it's a fact.

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