Monday, February 15, 2010

Look Who's Back

It's been a while since David Bartlett posted on his Dale Street Blues blog (perhaps Mark Thomas pleaded with him not to dabble anymore with the curse of the blogosphere; it starts out as the occasional Tweet, then the tentative postings on Facebook, & before you know it, you're hooked, blogging from Oldham Hall Street really does screw you up).
Still, it's nice to see that David has spent his time away from the keyboard constructively, as evidenced by this cerebral offering: .
We're grateful to David for elevating the tone of local political discourse. Keep it up, David (ahem).

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Ronnie de Ramper said...

It can't go on like this! Standards have got to rise. Figures released today (Feb 26) from ABC, the press circulation body, show sales of the Daily Post DOWN an eye-watering 20% to just 10,000 daily. Sales of the Echo DOWN 9.5% to 88,000. These steep falls accelerate declines over the last few years, and are the worst in the North-West