Monday, February 01, 2010

A Paper You Can Trust

Accuracy, reliability, integrity. We all know the Oldham Echo is rightly renowned for those qualities; Big Al would surely remind us of that while comparing it to the New York Times.
However, every now & again, there is an unfortunate slip-up. Isn't there, Al? What's that, Al? Sorry, didn't quite catch that, must be my hearing, seems you've gone strangely mute.
Anyway, let's allow Simon from the No Rock and Roll Fun blog to explain ( ):
"The Liverpool Echo has managed to ruin plans for American singer Taylor Bright to do a small gig in the city: the paper erroneously claimed it was Taylor Swift off the Grammys who would be appearing."
The fact that the Grammys, at which Taylor Swift appeared, were held in Los Angeles 24 hours before the supposed gig in Liverpool didn't permeate the dense skulls on Oldham Hall Street.
And the upshot of this typical inattention to detail? Well, would you believe it, they're sorry, as Simon notes:
"The Echo is contrite:
'The Echo regrets the mistake in Saturday's paper and has apologised to the school governors.
'We are making a donation to school funds as a gesture of goodwill.'
" 'and, hey, maybe we should get the kids some tickets to go see Beyonce who we know for a fact is going to be playing Anfield Comp on Thursday, right?' "
Actually, that's on Friday. However, that other Echo article about McCartney joining Pete Price for the Sunday afternoon karaoke session at The Grapes is true. Isn't it, Al?

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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

I always find that the Salford Star tells it like it is

It may seem strange to say that a paper in Salford is important to Liverpools.

Peel Holdings are running the North West and with their plans for Port Salford about to impact on Liverpool jobs the cover Peel and the North Vested Interest Development Agency (NWDA) with the contempt they deserve.

Its also what the Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors of the Daily Ghost and the Oldham Ech dont print that is as important as what they do.