Thursday, April 08, 2010

Desecration Row

So you thought it couldn't be that bad. Maybe, you mused, all the objections to the building work at Mann Island have been alarmist. Well, here's the vision which will be foisted upon us. Grotesque is the first word that comes to mind. Wayne's already delivered an appropriate verdict on the monstrosities which will help further deface the waterfront ( ).
The bureaucrats at Unesco should discreetly check down the front of their trousers, for it seems they didn't have the balls to oppose what has happened on what is laughably described as a World Heritage Site.


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

David Swift said...

So much for the "outstanding universal value" which UNESCO said was not affected. They sent a monitoring mission to Liverpool after public dismay at the proposals for Mann Island. One can only assume that they intended to ruin the World Heritage site, not look after it. The original low level Voss Motors building was fine, allowing views across Canning Dock. It was demolished to make way for this monstrosity.