Monday, April 12, 2010

Potholes & Promises

Long before the freezing temperatures in January worsened the state of many roads the situation in Liverpool was pretty dire; as a cyclist I've often thought of Rice Lane, Great Homer Street & a few other thoroughfares as downright dangerous, if not potentially lethal for anybody on two wheels.
The cycling organisation CTC has compiled a list of UK local authorities' records on dealing with hazards caused by potholes ( ). It shows that Liverpool is ranked 145th out of 212 local councils, with just 24% of reported hazards dealt with.
It isn't just a matter of concern to those on two wheels, but to motorists generally & pedestrians too.
Next time Warren Bradley or any of his cohorts rhapsodise about their record, bear that statistic in mind.

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David Swift said...

Rice Lane? Why would Warren Bradley worry about Rice Lane, or any other suburban thoroughfare, when he has a glitzy new shopping precinct surrounded by glamorous city centre flats? (just keep the tourists away from where the rest of us live)